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Geo-Cache at Coronado
..part of the the world's largest treasure hunt

The Friends of Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites has had a Geocache site since 2008 at the Coronado Site location. The Coronado Historic Site is the first historic site to have a registered geocache.  Plans are to build virtual geocache sites at Coronado and at Jemez Historic Site.

The geocache concept is like a giant game of hide-and-seek using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) satellite constellation to find geocache locations worldwide by a cadre of  volunteers.  Once you find the geocache, sign and date the logbook. Place the geocache back where you found it and log your experience online.


The geocache website ( maintains a database of all sites worldwide (description, degree of difficulty finding the location, GPS coordinates, site visitor names, etc.) that can be accessed by joining the Geocache organization.  It also has a video of a geocache adventure.

Richard Harris is the Geocache master and Carl Vikkstrom will join him in setting up and managing several "trails" for geocachers.  Richard can be reached via email  at

Geo Cache2.jpg

Coronado's Geo Cache site is located on the east side of the entrance road to the Coronado Site Visitors Center.

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