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FCHS Outreach Activities

These are activities that were sponsored by the Friends for the enjoyment of our local communities.



You can buy tickets now for one of the most popular events at Jemez Historic Site
Lights at Gisewa!!

Two days:  December 8, 2023, Friday,
and December 9, 2023, Saturday

Jemez Lights 3.jpg

Use the links below to purchase your tickets to one of our most popular events at Jemez Historic Site in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  Arts & crafts, entertainment and food vendors will be available.  More details are coming soon.  Tickets are available for 30 minute time slots.

Lights of Gisewa Day 1:
Lights of Gisewa Day 2:

Reminder: Members of the Friends of Coronado & Jemez Historic Sites are free, and all affiliated Tribal members do not need a ticket for this event and are free

Fiesta poster.jpg

Come to the Fiesta of Cultures!
Saturday, October 21st
It's this weekend!!

Native artisans, entertainment, demos, children's crafts, bread baking in our new horno, and more will be there.  Take a look at what's happening at the post-covid return of our yearly Fiesta . 

Members of the Friends - if you have not yet volunteered, sign up nowTo sign up later, use this address:


Timeline from the site: Great American Mexico

Annular Eclipse - October 14
Special Annular Events are planned at both the Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites!
8 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Coronado Historic Site |  8 a.m. - 9 p.m. at Jemez Historic Site
(full eclipse is at approximately 10:45 a.m)
Tickets are $10/adult, $5/child are available at

Great all-day experience for the entire family!  LEARN MORE...


The Bernalillo Indian Arts Festival is back!!  It's a two-day juried arts and crafts adventure, complete with food trucks, demos, and entertainment.  Parking is easy, and it's FREE. 

The Friends are a sponsor and will have a table at this exciting event - with information about our activities, both for members and for the public.  This table will also have fun activities for children.

Paper Plate Dream Catcher; Pipe Cleaner Butterfly, Fun Coloring Pages.


When you finish exploring the many tables and talking with the artists, come see us.  It's May 6 and 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.  We'll be looking for you!!


"Light Among the Ruins" - Jemez Historic Site - December 9 and 10

Light Among the Ruins is returning this year -- hundreds of farolitos
decorating the ruins of Giusewa Pueblo and San Jose de los Jemez Mission.

Enjoy Native American flute music, Pueblo dancers, bonfires, and a arts and crafts fair.
Food will be available for purchase.  Parking areas throughout Jemez Springs will be available with shuttles to the event.

No flash photography, drones, firearms or alcohol are allowed.



Balloon Composite-DW2-3x4.png

Native Arts Under the Portal    --   October 1 - 3 & 5 - 9 

Happening Now!!  Come with your families and guests to this new and exciting week-long event at the Coronado site during Balloon Fiesta!    

Native Artist-Oct 22-43.jpg

Art and culture still practiced by the descendants of the people who lived at Kuaua and throughout New Mexico at the time of the Spanish Entrada will be under the portal at Coronado Historic Site. 

Ten different artists will show their work each day, some will provide demos.  The show is open every day, except for Tuesday when the site is closed. 


In addition to the art, there's a dance group scheduled, musicians, a Native American comedian, food trucks, music, and places to have a picnic-style lunch! 

It's free -- but entering the site itself will cost the usual fee.   Don't miss this great new event!

Native Artist-Oct 22-51.jpg
Native Artist-Oct 22-21.jpg
Native Artist-Oct 22-10.jpg

Ricardo Cate

Marlon Magdalena

Photos by Dan White

Adrian Wall (Jemez Pueblo) - playing today

Native Artist-Oct 22-76.jpg
Native Artist-Oct 22-84.jpg


Pueblo Independence Day at Jemez Historic Site
Sunday August 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

After a two-year hiatus in which New Mexico Historic Sites’ events transitioned

to a virtual platform, Jemez Historic Site is delighted to announce the return of in-person events at the site!


Pueblo Independence Day event commemorates the 1680 revolt when the Pueblo people of New Mexico launched a successful rebellion against Spanish colonization with the help of Apache and Navajo allies.  This successful revolt saw the retreat of the Spanish to modern-day El Paso, Texas and lasted twelve years until colonization efforts by the Spanish resumed.  Today Pueblo Independence Day is celebrated to recognize Pueblo people’s cultural traditions, lands, languages, religions, and sovereignty.

Independence Day starts with a 13 mile foot race from the pueblo to the historic site.  Eight dances will be held throughout the day and 30 art and craft vendors will be there for visitors to enjoy.

Parking:   Across the street from the Historic Site - carpooling is recommended

Cost:   FREE

Food/Water:   One food vendor, so bring water/snacks as needed.




Special Invitation to FCHS Members to View the Matachines Dance August 10

Twenty members of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site are invited to a special viewing location of the dances in Bernalillo to be held August 10 at 3:00 pm.

Members of FCHS must be active and sign up to attend.  Email 

Sign up now!


Following signing up, the 20 members of FCHS will be given detailed instructions on where they will view the dances. They should bring folding chairs and hats, sunscreen, dark glasses, snacks, and water. The dances take one to two hours.

Please no photographs


Don't miss this great celebration at the Coronado Historic Site portal area!!

RSVP Now!!

Let us know the names and contact information of members that will be attending in your email (for our food order).  RSVP by April 25, 2022  to:

Membership Party Invitation.jpg


Join us for Cronado Site Clean-up Day - March 31, 2022 - any time between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. !!

Let's make the site beautiful again after the long covid hiatus.


The Staff will be working on a host of projects and welcome volunteers to join in and assist for a couple of hours.  Here's a sample of the things we'll be working on:

  • Landscape clean-up and garden weeding

  • Litter pick-up along the front entrance at 550 and Kuaua Road

  • Reorganizing the field house and hauling debris to the dumpster

  • Wheel-barreling 10 tons of topsoil to the garden,

  • Filling a 30-yard dumpster with three years of debris

We encourage all volunteers to think safety and dress appropriately with long pants and heavy footwear, plus sun and wind protection. For safety reasons gloves are a must, so please bring those as well. 

Ranger Annie will have water and fruit available for all volunteers to snack on.

For those interested in joining in or if you have questions or concerns - please RSVP by email at:



Images from past years

Art Auction - 2019
Very successful fundraiser

Fiesta of Cultures

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