Hikes for 2019

In the Shadow of Cabezon

Saturday, November 16, 2019

We will not be climbing the trail to the neck of Cabezon Peak but will be hiking in its “foothills” with little elevation gain, following arroyos to various sandstone outcroppings. 

Our walk will take us to the 2-track in the La Lena Wilderness Study Area, also with little elevation gain. La Lena WSA is a landscape of highly eroded mesas, deep arroyos, and canyons with shale and sandstone outcrops. The vegetation is composed of scattered juniper and piñon pines with native grasses, shrubs, and cacti. The sandstone cliffs offer plenty of nesting sites for golden eagles, red-tailed hawks,

prairie falcons, great horned owls, and ravens. The landscape's

elevation varies from about 6,100 feet to about 6,500 feet

The distance for these two hikes are: for Cabezon hike will be less

than 2 miles.  Distance for Le Lena will depend on how far we hike

in, probably at least a couple of miles.  If we wander, then maybe not

that far.

Meet and Park, 8:00 a.m. at the Home Depot on HWY  550, in the

northwest corner of the parking lot behind the sheds. 


We will sign our wavier and organize carpools.


To Sign Up/Information: Email Earlene Shroyer with

FriendsofCHS@comcast.net; 505-508-7272.