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“Ask an Archaeologist” – with Hayward Franklin, PH.D.


This Ask an Archaeologist program was held on July 16 with Hayward Franklin, (PH.D. from University of Arizona) a specialist in Southwestern ceramics who has worked on archaeological projects in Southern Arizona, Salmon Ruin, in the Chaco region, Pottery Mound  and in the Albuquerque area.  As a Research Associate at the Maxwell Museum Franklin has worked closely with David Phillips in his continuing research.  Since February, 2017 he has lead the Pottery Analysis Project at Coronado Historic Site for the Kuaua Pueblo, overseeing a group of about a dozen “pottery researchers” cataloging pottery sherds.

Hayward describes this talk as: “a discussion of the 2017 data recovery project at Kuaua,  and the ceramic sherds recovered during the testing.  Quick processing by the field and lab crews allowed the pottery analysis group to begin working on the ceramics in a short period of time.  (And thanks to everyone in the field, lab, and pottery analysis for a great job! Also to Matt, Ethan and Annie for making this research possible).

Our results of counting over 2000 sherds include frequencies by Southwestern pottery type, by vessel form and vessel part.  As the most modern and largest ceramic identification in recent times, these results yielded some reliable sample statistics from around the site.  Two major conclusions are:

1)  Based on ceramic known dates for the Rio Grande Glazeware types, Kuaua used and produced quantities of glazed pottery continuously from about AD 1325 to as late as the Revolt of 1680. 

2)  The sequence of plaza occupation went from South Plaza to North Plaza to East Plaza in terms of dated ceramics, confirming that order based on the few tree-ring dates."


You may watch and listen to this in-depth conversation about the research and discoveries that have come from the Kuaua site and its volunteers since 2017 by clicking the following link.   Link:  Coronado Archaeology


“Ask an Archaeologist” – with Marlon Magdalena


Jemez Historic Site Education Specialist, Marlon Magdalena discusses his experiences working with archaeologists at Jemez Historic Site.

You may watch and listen to this conversation by clicking the following link.   LinkMarlon Magdalena