Select and pay your membership below or open/print the application and mail to FCHS.

Individual Under the age of 60    $30


Individual Full-Time Student    $15


Individual age 60 and older    $25

Family: Couple and Children   $40


Senior Couple age 60 and older    $35


Supporter (Businesses and others)    $150


Life Membership    $250

Family Membership

Couple + Children  



Individual Membership

for Age 60 and up   



Full-Time Student Membership    



Individual Membership

for Age Less than 60   



Member Benefits

>All Members receive free admission to Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites during regular open hours.

>Free participation in activities including workshops, hikes, field trips, and lectures. (Some trips include a small fee.) 

>The quarterly newsletter and regular email notices of programs, trips, and special events will be sent to you.  

>Preservation and promotion of Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites.

Membership Categories:

Thank You For Joining

The President and the Board of Directors invite you to become

a member of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site.  Your

membership supports our Mission “to increase awareness and

appreciation of Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites." Perhaps the

biggest satisfaction with your membership is the knowledge your

gift supports the continued conservation of both historic site's

natural and cultural resources including the matchless painted

Kiva murals at Coronado and the mission church ruin at Jemez.


Why You Should Be A Friend

The goal of the Friends of Coronado Historic Site is to help

maintain these uniquely beautiful and historic places and to increase awareness of the sites to the general public. We also provide funding for award-winning research, a scholarship program, the docent program, community archaeology, museum exhibits, the school outreach program and more.  Annually we host outstanding lectures, workshops, tours and events for our members.  

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Senior Couple Membership

Age 60 and up  



Supporter Membership

Businesses & Others   




Life Membership