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Images from past events.

2018 & 2019 New Mexico Art Auction

Complete inventory from 2019 is below.

Annual Fiesta of Cultures

Examples of Lectures, Hikes, and Workshops


ATTACK ON KUAUA!  Evaluating Native and Spanish Materials at the

Coronado Historic Site by Dr. Clay Mathers

Nearly 140 years after the first archaeological reconnaissance of the Pueblo of Kuaua by historian

and archaeologist Adolph Bandelier, we finally have definitive evidence of the 1540-1542 expedition

of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado at this site. A systematic survey of the region in and around

Kuaua – begun in 2017 – has revealed evidence of Spanish and Native artifacts linked to an attack on

the pueblo during the 1540-1542 conflicts. This discussion focuses on the new material and its wider

significance for our understanding of some of the earliest Native-European contacts in North


Dr. Mathers is an archaeologist with a Ph.D. in Iberian Prehistory (Univ. of Sheffield, UK) He has

worked on numerous Coronado Expedition sites and has published widely on the early Spanish Entradas.


Split-Twig Figurine Workshop

Join us to learn about and how to make split-twig figurines.


These prehistoric effigies, left in caves in the Grand Canyon over 3000 years ago are made of willow.

Archaeologists don’t know exactly why they were made, but theories include pre-hunt ceremonial

objectives; helping the hunters to find and bring home deer and big-horn sheep.


This workshop will teach you and help you make at least one split-twig figurine.  We will select and gather

our willow from beside the Rio Grande at Coronado Historic Site, then cut and bend it into unique

deer-like figures. You may make several figurines as time permits.


Friends of Coronado board member, Mr. Edward Chamberlin will teach us how to make the figurines. He worked in the museum collection at Grand Canyon National Park for 10 years where he examined the original 3000-year-old figurines and learned how to make them.



Hike in the White Ridge Recreation Area

More than just Colored Bluffs, A Canyoning Adventure.


Description: Another place hidden in plain sight.  This hike is on the east side of White Mesa – following the

white Dakota sandstone formation through various small canyons.  We’ll start on the Colored Bluffs trail, which runs through fine red and green mudstones of the Morrison Formation but will divert into the first canyon after a short hike.  We will not be climbing to the top of the mesa.

Length: Approximately 4+ miles in and out


2019 Auction Inventory

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