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Field Trips & Adventures, Hikes, and Workshops are for members only.  Join us!


March 18, 2023  - "Devil's Claw" Workshop

Beth Main, instructor, will lead an interesting craft challenge, a "devil’s claw" workshop.  You will create a feathered bird from a claw and feathers, or “from Beast (claw) to Beauty (feathered bird)”. 

Devils Claw2.tif

Devil's Claw

Beth Birds.jpg

to Feathered Bird

The workshop is part of the Historic Site’s “Great Backyard Bird Count”/birding month.   
To register, email your name and contact information to Beth at membershipfchs@gmail.comFee will be $10.



Start your holiday season by joining this early December workshop and creating
colorful and attractive gourds for your tree, for a wreath or as a special gift
for someone. 

We'll have Buffalo gourds, decorations, and paints for you to use; Native American or traditional designs to copy, so you can create your with these or with your own
original designs.

Where:  Workshop will take place in Coronado's Video room
Cost:  $10 - for all materials and paint.  Two gourds will  be provided for each participant.
What to bring:  Only your holiday spirit (and maybe an apron)
Number of participants:  10 --- so sign up soon!  Reservations are necessary since the group size is limited.

Email Pat Harris at



Join Our Holiday Ornament Workshop!
Saturday. December 3, 9:30 - 12:00


Walking Stick Workshop -  Saturday, June 25th, 10 a.m.

Walking stick1.png

Create your own yucca walking stick. Supplies will be provided - the yucca sticks and basic decorations are from the Coronado site. Participants are encouraged to bring personal items from home to add a personal touch, such as charms, feathers, beads, etc.

Walking Stick2.jpg

Registration is required.  Email your name and phone number your name and phone number to or by calling (505) 867-5351.

Cost:  General public: $20; FCHS members: $15

Payment:  Pay now with a credit card by completing the form on the right and selecting the button "Click t0 Open Payment Page". 


OR pay by cash, check (made out to Friends of Coronado Historic Site), or credit card on the day of the workshop at Sun Father’s Way, the gift shop located on-site.


Pottery unpacked, ready for firing.jpg

2020 Workshops

Micaceous Pottery Workshop

with Steve Rospopo

WHEN: February 29 and March 1, 2020-Saturday and Sunday,  

WHERE: at the Coronado Historic Site

Firing was delayed due to Covid safety procedures. We fired the pots on Sunday, November 29

  • Students learned the principles of using micaceous clay derived from sources in Northern NM and received a small premade micaceous greenware bowl to practice pottery finishing techniques, including water scraping, sanding, slip application (with micaceous slip), and burnishing with a polishing stone. The students were provided with clay, a puki base mold, micaceous slip, basic tools, towels, sandpaper, and other pottery equipment.

  • Steve provide a lunch of green chile stew (pork, potatoes, and onions) made in a micaceous pot served with tortillas on Saturday.