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Pottery unpacked, ready for firing.jpg

Micaceous Pottery Workshop

with Steve Rospopo

That was great!

Enjoy these fun photos of the pottery workshop.

WHEN: February 29 and March 1, 2020-Saturday and Sunday,  

WHERE: at the Coronado Historic Site

Firing was delayed due to Covid safety procedures. We fired the pots on Sunday, November 29

  • Students learned the principles of using micaceous clay derived from sources in Northern NM and received a small premade micaceous greenware bowl to practice pottery finishing techniques, including water scraping, sanding, slip application (with micaceous slip), and burnishing with a polishing stone. The students were provided with clay, a puki base mold, micaceous slip, basic tools, towels, sandpaper, and other pottery equipment.

  • Steve provide a lunch of green chile stew (pork, potatoes, and onions) made in a micaceous pot served with tortillas on Saturday.