Micaceous Pottery Workshop

by Steve Rospopo

The Workshop is Full-

WHEN: February 29 and March 1, 2020-Saturday and Sunday,  

WHERE: at the Coronado Historic Site


The workshop will run from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday and from

11 am to 3 pm on Sunday

Firing on Sunday, March 28


The cost of the class is $75 ($50 per adult will be donated to FCHS) and is limited to 10 people.


  • Students will learn the principles of using micaceous clay derived from sources in Northern NM. They will receive a small premade micaceous greenware bowl on which to practice pottery finishing techniques, such as water scraping, sanding, slip application (with micaceous slip), and burnishing with a stone (stone polishing). The students will be provided with clay, a puki base mold, micaceous slip, basic tools, towels, sandpaper, and other pottery equipment. They will need to bring with them an apron, wear comfortable/non-dressy clothes, snacks/drinks.

  • Steve will provide a lunch of green chile stew (pork, potatoes, and onions) made in a micaceous pot served with tortillas on Saturday.  Students may, of course, bring their own food.  Students will provide their own lunches on Sunday.

  • After completing their pots in class on Sunday,                                                                                          students will remove them from the puki base and                                                                                         take them home to dry for 48-72 hours before                                                                                               completing the finishing steps identified and                                                                                                        practiced during the workshop on the small bowls.                                                                                                They will sand, scrape, slip and burnish their pots at                                                                                            home.

  • Steve will arrange a surface pit-firing (ceram) about                                                                                        two weeks after the workshop (weather, drought, and                                                                                    permit dependent) Students will be notified as to date                                                                                    and location for firing. Everyone is invited to observe                                                                                            the firing of their pots.


To register for this workshop, please email: Pat Harris at

friendsofchs@comcast.net     505-771-0416

Payment: Please pay Pat Harris on the 1st day of the workshop (Feb 29) by cash or check (make out to the Friends of Coronado Historic site).

No Additional Workshops Are Currently Scheduled