Once the Coronado and Jemez sites are fully open, we will once again be a able to plan our workshops as well as other activities.  These will be posted as they become available.  

Pottery unpacked, ready for firing.jpg

2020 Workshops

Micaceous Pottery Workshop

with Steve Rospopo

WHEN: February 29 and March 1, 2020-Saturday and Sunday,  

WHERE: at the Coronado Historic Site

Firing was delayed due to Covid safety procedures. We fired the pots on Sunday, November 29

  • Students learned the principles of using micaceous clay derived from sources in Northern NM and received a small premade micaceous greenware bowl to practice pottery finishing techniques, including water scraping, sanding, slip application (with micaceous slip), and burnishing with a polishing stone. The students were provided with clay, a puki base mold, micaceous slip, basic tools, towels, sandpaper, and other pottery equipment.

  • Steve provide a lunch of green chile stew (pork, potatoes, and onions) made in a micaceous pot served with tortillas on Saturday.