2 p.m.  All lectures are presented at the Bernalillo City Council Chambers.


Note: This is a New Location for our Lectures.


The Bernalillo City Council Chambers is located at the corner of Camino Del Pueblo and Camino Del Presidente in Bernalillo. 

2020 "Year of the Woman"

            Throughout 2020 the FCHS Sunday afternoon lecture program will inspire, entertain and inform attendees about the women of New Mexico or enjoy a lecture presented by notable female scholars.  


January 19, 2020

Tales From The Land of Enchantment:

Historical Stories and Captivating Folk Tales -

Presented by Cynthia Dobson

Tales from the Land of Enchantment is a program of stories unique to New Mexico.

Some stories are long, and some are short, but all tell tales that will introduce the

audience to truisms unique to New Mexico combined with stories rich in

Southwest folklore. While a number of stories such as La Hormiguita and El

Terrible Tragadabas have Spanish in them, Cynthia does not tell stories completely

in Spanish. All stories will engage the minds of listeners of all ages and

backgrounds and leave them sometimes surprised and amazed, sometimes with

shivers, and sometimes with laughter, but always with a better understanding of

New Mexico culture.

About the author:
Cynthia M. Dobson has her Master’s Degree in Multi-cultural Education from The University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico. Her teaching experience in Loving, Carlsbad and Santa Fe has given her a unique perspective not only of the differences but, more importantly, of the similarities in cultures. From these experiences she chooses stories. She is a former board member of Storytellers of New Mexico and of the New Mexico State Liaison to the National Storytelling Network.

Current Listing of Scheduled Lectures

Additional lectures and details will be provided throughout the year.

February 16 -

Ladies of the Canyons -

Presented by Leslie Poling-Kemps

March 15 -

Chasing the Cure in New Mexico -

Presented by Dr. Nancy Lewis

April to be announced

May 17 -

La Nina Otera-Warren

Presented by Deb Blanche

June 16 -

Drinking Practice and Politics in Chaco Canyon -

Presented by Dr. Patricia Crown