2 p.m.  All lectures are presented at the Bernalillo Town Council Chambers.


Note: This is a New Location for our Lectures.


The Bernalillo Town Council Chambers is located on Camino del Pueblo in Bernalillo, NM. 

2020 "Year of the Woman"

            Throughout 2020 the FCHS Sunday afternoon lecture program will inspire, entertain and inform attendees about the women of New Mexico or enjoy a lecture presented by notable female scholars.  


Scheduled Lectures

Additional lectures and details will be provided throughout the year.

March 15 -

Chasing the Cure in New Mexico -   Thousands of health seekers

journeyed to New Mexico from 1880 to 1940, hoping its high and

dry climate would heal their diseased lungs.  Dr. Lewis will

examine the impact and the experience of these "lungers," many

of whom stayed to make remarkable contributions to their adopted

home.  Presented by Dr. Nancy Lewis

May 17 -

La Nina Otera-Warren

Presented by Deb Blanche


April 19 -

From Spain to New Mexico: The Journey to Keep a Secret. Presented by Norma Libman

June 21 -

Drinking Practice and Politics in Chaco Canyon -

Presented by Dr. Patricia Crown