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Why Donate to the 
Academic Award Fund?

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Research expands and enhances our understanding of history. Your donation to this fund not only continues the quest for discovering and sharing information about the Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites but it also benefits New Mexico students in their study of various aspects of early life in this area.


The Coronado Site, location of the village of Kuaua, a 700-year old indigenous peoples' site, was visited by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado and his expedition into New Mexico in 1540.  Once it had over 1200 rooms and several kivas. Now, the visible remains give only a hint of the extent of life in this major pueblo. Exceptional and rarely seen Native American fresco murals, recovered from one of the ancestral kivas, are respectfully displayed in the site museum. The Jemez Historic Site, fifty-one miles north of the Coronado site, is the location of the 700-year-old Giusewa village. It is also the site of the large San Jose de los Jemez Church and convent, Spanish in origin, but built by the ancestors of the present-day people of Jemez Pueblo (Walatowa).


The goal of the Friends is to help maintain these uniquely beautiful and historic places and to increase awareness of the sites in the general public, in educational institutions, throughout New Mexico and the United States. Perhaps the biggest benefit is knowing your donation will add to the knowledge of the Coronado Historic Site and the Jemez Historic Site. We need your help to continue these efforts.


Please donate today!


Click on the DONATE button to use your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account, to make your donation. You can also mail a check to the Friends of Coronado Historic Site, FCHS Academic Award, 485 Kuaua Rd., Bernalillo, NM   87004.


The Board of Directors and I thank you for your donation to the Fund for the Friends of Coronado Historic Site Academic Awards - your continued generosity makes a real difference to the preservation of both sites and to our Mission “to increase awareness and appreciation of Coronado and Jemez Historic Sites." 

Thank You.

Janice Kunz
Chair, Academic Award Committee
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